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1987 pension scheme. members of the 1987 scheme to be able to access their 1987 scheme benefits. . .



See the 1987 Police Pension Guide and 1987 Police Pension Regulations for more information Since 5 December 2005, same sex couples have been able to have.

However, if you left the scheme after.


. . Leaving or opting out of PPS 1987. Police pension schemes (England and Wales) 1987 Scheme - Commutation on retirement Factors and guidance 18 March 2016 3 2 Administration 2.

Deferred pension. The maximum length of pensionable service that can count towards a pension under the 1987 Scheme is 30 years. .

PPS 1987 at a glance.
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Declaration under existing police pension scheme continues to have effect.

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(PPS) 2. .

Increase of awards (other than flat-rate awards) by reference to the Pensions (Increase) Acts.

. The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) welcomes the Governments response to the consultation on the Superannuation Contributions Adjusted for Past Experience (SCAPE) discount rate, which has resulted in an update to the Police Pension Scheme 1987 commutation factors.

The 1987 Scheme pension comes into payment at age 50 but pension increases are not payable until 55.


Leaving or opting out of PPS 1987.

An ordinary pension is awarded immediately on retirement. . Police Pension Scheme 1987. eligible to join the 1987 Scheme however you may be able to join the 2006 Scheme.

. 1 Introduction. Or I could. 1 The amount of 1987 scheme pension that can be commuted is subject to the limits set out in the Regulations.


Nov 2, 2006 This is the latest version of the police pension scheme 1987 members guide, published in October 2006 following updates in age discrimination legislation and compulsory retirement ages. . .

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An ordinary pension is awarded immediately on retirement after completion of at least 25 years pensionable service.

e. The details of the Police Pension Schemes are contained in the Police Pension Regulations; a summary of which is in the Member Guide which your Scheme administrator can provide you a copy of. . gov.